John Everitt, Consultant

The WCSU Act 46 Leland & Gray Towns Study Committee has contracted with a consultant to assist in preparing the study report. The consultant work is funded by a grant.

John Everitt is also working with the Act 46 Elementary Study Committee for Dover, Marlboro and Wardsboro, and worked on the RED study with the same group three years ago.

John Everitt, consultant to the WCSU Act 46 Leland & Gray Towns Study Committee.
After earning his undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Colorado, John began working in education as a special education math teacher at Landmark School in Massachusetts. Three years later, he entered graduate school at the University of Vermont where he completed a Masters Degree focusing on special education. John began working in Vermont public schools in 1977. His positions included special education teacher and administrator, elementary teacher, high school math teacher, principal, assistant superintendent for curriculum, and superintendent of schools.

Currently John is working as an educational consultant and as faculty for the Vermont School Leadership Project and the Early Childhood Leadership Institute of the Snelling Center for Government. Through the Vermont School Boards Association, he has worked with several Vermont school districts on governance studies.

John serves on the Board of Directors of the Snelling Center for Government. He lives in Englewood, FL in the winter and on Lake Dunmore in Leicester, VT in the summer with his wife Sandi. Vermont draws him back in the winter for work and for visits with his children and five grandchildren.